The capacitors are designed for general-purpose applications, and also for using with non-sinusoidal voltage and currents, such as resonant circuits, filtering or commutation.

Quality approval: (UL 810 certificated)
RoHS conformity
Quality management: ISO 9001:2008

Types of products:
Specification and Performance
Standards IEC 61071
Installation Indoor use, maximum above sea level 2000M, maximum permissible humidity 95%
Capacitance tolerance ±10%, -5%/+10%, or ±5%
Operating temperature of case -25℃ to +70℃
Dielectric Metallized polypropylene film with self-healing technology
Dissipation factor <0.1%
Test voltage between terminals Unx2.15 VDC, 10s
Test voltage between terminals and case 3000Vac, 10s
Insulation resistance (Between terminals and case) above 2000MΩ
Equivalent series resistance (ESR) < 10 mΩ
Equivalent series inductance (ESL) < 50 nH
Impregnated oil Non PCB, Rapeseed oil
Safety device Overpressure disconnector
UL 810 approval, AFC 10000A, File no. E112211
Discharge resistor (Optional) The residual voltage drops to 50V or lower in 1 minute after capacitor being disconnected from power source.
Case Cylindrical aluminum can
Terminals Screw terminal M6 of tinned brass, maximum torque 3Nm. With terminal spacers for rated voltage above 660Vac.
Mounting and grounding M12 stud with washer and nut on bottom of aluminum can.
Maximum torque 12Nm
Cooling method Naturally air-cooled or force air cooling
Rated Voltage μF Imax
A @60Hz
Stud Case Size Weight (kg) Figures
UNac Urms D H
250Vac 250Vac 175 18 M12x12 60 140 0.46 Fig. A
250Vac 250Vac 250 24 M12x12 66 160 0.60
275Vac 275Vac 150 18 M12x12 60 140 0.45
300Vac 300Vac 100 16 M12x12 60 140 0.46
300Vac 300Vac 200 24 M12x12 66 140 0.53
1000Vdc 640Vac 200 48 M12x16 96 165 1.28 Fig. B
1200Vac 850Vac 10 16 M12x12 60 100 0.42
1200Vac 850Vac 30 16 M12x12 66 160 0.65
1200Vac 850Vac 47 24 M12x16 89 165 1.17

Protection Device Operating

It senses the build-up of pressure within the capacitor and interrupts the internal connections cutting the capacitor out of the circuit before rupture can occur.

(1) Without terminal spacers

(2) With terminal spacers

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