Automatic Power Factor Regulator
  • Auto/Manual operating mode
  • Measured parameters in A, V, VA, Watt, Var, PF, Hz, °C, THD-V, THD-I
  • Direct reading in each parameter represented by a clear symbol illuminated on LCD screen
  • Independent alarm to be energized the FAN for the temp. cooling around the inner cabinet
  • Bargraphic indication for A, V and Temp.
  • Versatile switching modes for configuring an optimized PF target
  • Auto-reversal correction in a wrong phase sequence
  • Initially memorized parameters for the switched-on capacitors
  • Actual operating memorized parameters for the switched-on capacitors
  • Running-hour time of the switched-on capacitor
  • Recording for a number of times of the switched-on capacitor
  • Indication of the abnormal status events
  • Built-in input temperature sensor
  • THD-I/THD-V components in % set-up for switching off the capacitor
  • Alarm set-up for the measured under/over-current/voltage in %
  • Adjustable delay time set-up for switching-on/off the capacitor
Model Steps Operating Voltage Operating Voltage Dimension (mm) Panel Cut-Out (mm)
YPD-6 3~6 steps (programmable) AC 220/380V 0 ~ 60℃ 144x144x62
(L x W x D)
YPD-12 3~12 steps (programmable)
YPM-7 3~7 steps (programmable) AC 90/550V
YPM-14 3~14 steps (programmable)