Series Reactors

In the recently years industrial semi-conductor devices are used greatly in equipments, harmonics problems in circuits become more and more serious. To inhibit high order harmonics cause various failure in power system, and inrush current on switching frequently in the application of automatic power factor regular (APFR), it is good to equip series reactors to limit harmonics current in circuits and inrush current to capacitors for extending the life of capacitors and electro-magnetic contactors.

Specification and Performance
Standards CNS 9094, JEC-182, JEC 2210, IEC 60289
Class of insulation and Temperature rise Dry type Class H, coil temperature rise below 120° C(resistance method)
Oil type Class A, coil temperature rise below 65'C(resistance method), and Oil temperature rise below 65 C Cast resin type Class F, coil temperature rise below 95"C(resistance method)
Place of installation Ory and Oil types for indoor use, Oil type for outdoor or indoor use
Ambient temperature -20 - +45°C (24 hours average temperature below 35°C
Capacity tolerance -5 - +10%
Maximum permissible current Below 120% of rated current (The effective value of synthetic current with the 5th harmonic current which value is less than 35% against fundamental current in reactor circuit)
Rated short-time current 25 times rated current for 2 sec
Voltage withstand Rated voltage(U) u ≦ 0.22 0.22 < U ≦ 1 1.1 < U ≦ 3.3 6.6 12 24
AC test voltage 2 4 10 16 28 50