Capacitor Expulsion Fuse Unit

The product offers a wide variety of fuse KV and amp ratings for use on both horizontal and vertical capacitor block bank configurations. The bus-mounted expulsion-type capacitor fuse provides highly reliable, economical protection foe capacitor banks.


The expulsion fuse quickly clears faulted capacitors from the circuit and when the proper fuse link is used it minimizes or virtually eliminates tank rupture.


The fuse is constructed of fiberglass. The upper contact is aluminum or copper. The fuse holder accepts ANSI standard buttonhead fuse links. A non-current-carrying, stainless steel ejector spring assembly assures leader ejection from the fuse tube when the fusible element melts on low-current faults. There is no possibility of tracking and eventual flashover, even after exposure to weather and contaminants. when the spring ejects the leader, positive indication of a blow fuse can also be easily detected from a distance.

Electrical Ratings
Max Rating Voltage Max fuse link size Interrupting Rating Interrupting Rating[60Hz, Amps RMS]
Symmetrical Asymmetrical
15KV 100 Amps 15000 Joules 3600 10000

Notes:The products Do Not include fuse links, which are selected by users. The current rating of type-K(fast) fuse link should be selected on 1.65~2.5 times of rated current of capacitor.

Rating Voltage Type Current Rating E
15kV MDA-B1F 100 Amps 28 250