Surge Absorbing Capacitors

Surge Absorbing Capacitor

Surge capacitor is developed to connect between line and ground, and to absorb and reduce surge voltages which may be generated from breaker turns on or off and lighting surge which may be delivered by connecting transmission line and ground. To protect transformers and rotating machines, etc.

Grounding capacitors

It is developed to connect between the secondary side power lines of transformer and ground to compensate the capacitance between line and ground. It can supply required current to active ground relay or leakage breaker even if a fault occurred on load side.

Specification and Performance

Standards JEM 1362, IEC 60871
Factory approval (ISO 9001:2015 certificated)
Usable altitude and place Maximum above sea level 1000M, available for indoor / outdoor.
Frequency 50/60Hz
Tolerance -5%∼+10% (In three-phase units, the ratio of maximum to minimum value of capacitance measured between any two terminals <1.08)
Ambient temperature -20℃∼+50℃ (24hours average below 45℃)[Other ambient temperature categories on request]
Maximum permissible voltage 110% of rated voltage (average voltage in every 24 hrs)
115% of rated voltage (30 min in every 24 hrs)
120% of rated voltage (within 5 min)
130% of rated voltage (within 1 min)
182% of rated voltage (within 2 sec)
The having value higher than 115% of rated voltage do not occur more than 200 times in the capacitor's life.
Maximum permissible current 135% of rated current
Dissipation factor Less than 0.5%
Temperature rise below 25℃ at ambient temperature 35℃.
Sealing No oil leaking after heating at 80℃ for 4hrs.
Insulation resistance Above 1000MΩ
Residual Inductance (T-C) Less than 2uH
Series resistor Internal series resistor or external series resistor, the specification is according manufacturer.
Test voltage between terminals and case AC voltage test for 1 minute.
Line Voltage (kVac) Test Voltage (kVac)
3.3, 3.45 16
4.16 18
6.0, 6.6, 6.9 22
11, 11.95 28
13.8 33.5
15 35
22 50
24 54


Dielectric Polypropylene film
Insulation fluid Non-PCB fluid
Bushing & Color Wet process porcelain, Color: Baby blue, Munsell 5B 8/4
Case material Stainless steel
Paint / Color Epoxy / Urethane system with corrosion, acid and alkali, and weather resistant; Color: Sand, Munsell 7.5Y 7/2
Earth connection One side bracket has ground terminal (On request for unpainted area under the brackets for earthing