High Voltage Power Capacitors
Features of High Voltage Capacitors
  1. Internal fuse types or standard type (fuseless) available upon request.
  2. Low dissipation factor, low-temperature rise, long service life.
  3. Stable capacitance with little variation due to temperature.
  4. Impregnated with high insulation strength and non-PCB biodegradable fluid in the vacuum tank.
  5. Internal fuse capacitor mainly has more safety, higher reliability, less installation space, lower installation, and maintenance costs.
Construction of HV Capacitor
Dielectric Polypropylene film
Insulation fluid Non-PCB fluid
Bushing / Color Wet process porcelain
Color: Baby blue, Munsell 5B 8/4
Case material / Color Stainless steel
Paint / Color Epoxy / Urethane system with corrosion, acid and alkali, and weather resistant
Color: Sand, Munsell 7.5Y 7/2
Earth connection One side bracket has ground terminal ( One request for unpainted area under the brackets for earthing)
Summarized Comparisons Between Internal Fuse Type and External Fuse Type Capacitors
Items Internal Fuse Capacitors External Fuse Capacitors
Installation space Smaller Large
Continuous usability after fuse cuts off Excellent Low
Reactive power loss after fuse cuts off Low High
Fuse safety Excellent Poor
Possibility of spurious fuse operation Low High
Case breakdown possibility Low High
Unbalance protection difficulty Low High
Need for spare capacitors Low High
Servicing and maintenmance Low High
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