Automatic Capacitor Banks

Automatic Capacitor Bank

Yuhchang is one of the biggest power capacitor banks manufacturer. Its products have CNS (Chinese National Standard) and UL approval. Also, it is an ISO-9001 company. Recently years to improve power quality and increase the efficiency of energy utilizing power users, we present automatic capacitor banks to save more energy and create more profits for power users.

Our Automatic Capacitor Banks Have The Following Features

  1. Dry-type capacitors are designed and manufactured in according to CNS1179 and are certificated to use CNS mark. Capacitors are made of metalized polypropylene films with self-healing. Each capacitor has an internal protective device (overpressure tear-off fuse) to automatic cut off power to avoid relative disaster in case of capacitor failure.
  2. The product uses the Automatic Power Factor Regulator (APFR) with the Yuhchang brand to automatically precisely control reactive power for the power system. The target power factor can be adjustable. The control principle is according to load current and target power factor to switch in or out capacitors. It is very useful and effective equipment for energy saving.
  3. To suppress high harmonic currents and inrush current of switching in capacitors, each capacitor circuit is equipped with a dry-type, H class, series reactor (SR) to extend the life of capacitors and magnetic contacts.
  4. For high safety, each capacitor circuit uses independent high-speed fuses (HRC) and Magnetic contacts (MC) controlled by APFR.
  5. The cabinet is made of steel sheets with anti-rust treatment. Inner parts, equipment, and connection are all installed for easy use and maintenance under consideration of insulation, ventilation, dustproof, and waterproof.

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Yuhchang Automatic Power Capacitor Banks